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2018 is the year to get smarter and bringing home a Ticwatch is just one of the steps. You can take your lifestyle another notch higher by buying this amazing smart watch that manages your activities and life in a much efficient manner. You can get a whopping discount of 20% when you buy Tic watch smartwatches. By using a simple discount code you can own this gizmo that helps you sort out your daily activities and chores all at one place. This smart watch doubles up as your personal assistant allowing you to listen to music and embrace a fitness regime for health. This watch syncs with Google Fit, Strava and Run-keeper that helps you keep tabs on your heart rate, number of steps, calories burnt, assess workout goals and a lot more.

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When you buy a Mobvoi Ticwatch, you can get the best companion for yourself as it works in tandem with Google Assistant and you can choose from different models like the Ticwatch S&E, Ticwatch Active and Ticwatch Classic. Powered by Android, each of these versions has unique features that enhance your lifestyle in more ways than one. You can simply wear this personal assistant on your wrist and manage all your activities. Some features that make this smart watch exceptional are:

  • Intuitive interaction with this gadget allows you to control it with voice interactions, touch control, tickle, flip and knock as well as palm reaction.
  • You can also go for hands free assistance especially when you are driving or working out or engaged in some other activity.
  • This bit of technology on your wrist is designed for maximum functionality in a simple design and high quality and durability with dust and splash resistance.
  • Ticwatch 2 Smartwatch is iOS and Android Compatible which makes it convenient and possible to sync it with other devices.
  • These watches come in extremely smart designs, are light weight and also have a long battery life that allows you to enjoy its services without frequent charging!

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In addition to these innovative features, you can also enjoy a Mobvoi warranty for a period of one year from the date of purchase. This provides you a cover from all damages that your Ticwatch might encounter. Whenever you plan to get this latest bit of technology, look for online discount codes, vouchers for price rebates. You can also sign up to get special offers delivered right in your inbox.

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